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Our Motorcycle Safety Training online is perfect for first time motorcyclist or updating your motorbike training. Our program is a CSC certified and a highly recommended way to stay safe, healthy, and protected on the road!



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Motorcycle accidents account for an enormous percentage of serious automobile injuries, and even fatalities, each year in Canada. That’s why the Canada Safety Council has created specific motorcycle safety training guidelines. These guidelines are intended to provide valuable information about motorbike controls, protective riding gear, and driving safety. This is one of the most extensive and informational motorcycle safety course available, with motorcycle course modules including:

  • Introduction to Motorcycling
  • Taking a Motorcycle Safety Course
  • Motorbike Controls, Features, and Accessories
  • Riding Gear-It’s Between You and the Road
  • Getting Ready for the Ride
  • Situational Riding Skills
  • Safe Riding Techniques
  • Lane Positioning
  • Decision-Making and Situational Awareness

Who Needs Motorcycle Safety Training?

Are you interested in saving money and time on your Motorcycle License training program? Searching for an engaging motorcycle training software with customized graphics, video examples from the real world, and an interactive multimedia structure? Do you want to improve your safety on the road? Then this course is for you.

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We created our Motorcycle Safety Online program using top-quality, multimedia training materials and sessions, custom graphics and real-world video examples. These help encourage student interaction, engagement and solid knowledge retention.

Starting with an introduction to the finer points of motorcycles (and the reasons why safety training is so important), you’ll quickly move into safety specifics and other important considerations.

Topics are divided into 9 modules and include:

  • Introduction to motorcycling
  • Taking a motorcycle safety course
  • Motorbike controls, features & accessories
  • Riding gear – it’s between you and the road
  • Getting ready for the ride
  • Situational riding skills
  • Safe riding techniques
  • Lane positioning
  • Decision-making and situational awareness

Each module thoroughly covers multiple related subtopics, providing one of the most detailed motorcycle training courses available, both online and off. There’s a lot more to motorcycle safety than meets the eye, and interactive multimedia training helps participants achieve maximum information retention – much better than a manual or simple video.

Participants receive a graduation certificate upon successful completion of all course modules, quizzes and final exam – a passing grade of 80% must be achieved, and prescriptive remediation is provided where necessary until students fully understand every concept covered in the training.

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BUY Motorcycle Safety